Anthony Wayne First Church of God

IMPORTANT: Due to the current COVID-19 virus and in accordance with local and federal guidelines, we are having a limited Worship Service beginning at 9:00 AM. If you would like to join us, we will be conducting safe practices, including wearing masks and social distancing. There will be Sunday School, but NO Fellowship Time after the service. In addition we are showing the service live on Zoom, using the same login information we have been using. As we start to get out, we ask that you continue to pray for all those affected, practice safe activities and remember that GOD is still on the throne!

Welcome to Anthony Wayne First Church of God

Pastor Jeff Yates and the Worship Team will be leading us in worship and teaching us from God's Word.  Our "Dress Code" is generally casual.  Some people wear jeans, some wear suits.  The important thing is that we don't judge each other, rather we try to judge our own hearts and attitudes as we gather with other believers to present our Worship to God and to learn from instruction in God's Word.  If we have a fault, it is usually that we sometimes take a little too long during the fellowship greeting time, but it is good to know you will be cared for here.

Our Services


9:00 AM - Worship (Sanctuary)

9:00 AM - Children's Worship (Chapel)

10:15 AM - Fellowship (Chapel)

10:30 AM - Sunday School


9:00 - 11:00 AM - Mission House Food Bank is open


9:00 - 11:00 AM - Mission House Food Bank is open

10:00 AM - Bible Study (Chapel)

10:00 AM - AlAnon (Parlor)

Communion is offered the First Sunday of every month.

On each Sunday morning, during service, we honor and recognize a person presently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

This week we are honoring:

Captain Adam Bishop

U.S. Army

God Bless all our men and women who are serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and all the other Armed Forces.

Pre-School News

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Telephone: 260-458-1301

What Kind of Church is Anthony Wayne?

Anthony Wayne Church is a member of the  Churches of God General Conference Midwest District within the Churches of God General Conference based in Findlay, Ohio.

   We operate as a congregation of believers in Jesus Christ in submission to His authority.  Though we are free to decide the way we "live out" our ministries at Anthony Wayne, we do feel that it is important to be held accountable by a larger governing body.  So we are free to act like a non-denominational church, but we find freedom under the umbrella of the CGGC.

The purpose for which we strive is:

"Bringing God's Word To People"

"Inviting Them To Christ"

"Equipping Them as Disciples"

"Sending Them Out To Serve"

Coming Activities:

March 14th

Wednesday Bible Study

10:00 AM in the Chapel

Church Council Meeting

March 15th, 6:00 PM


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Listen to 2021 Sermon Audios (mp3)

Sunday's Message 02/21/2021 "When Helping Hurts: Isaac's Blessing" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 01/24/2021 "Patriarchs: A Bride for Isaac" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 01/17/2021 "Patriarchs: Abraham's Testing" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 01/10/2021 "Patriarchs: Long Awaited Laughter" Pastor Jeff

Listen to 2020 Sermon Audios (mp3)

Christmas Eve Message 12/24/2020 "I Bring You Good News" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 12/13/2020 "The Joy of the Lord" Dean Romprey

Sunday's Message 12/06/2020 "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!" Dean Romprey

Sunday's Message 11/29/2020 "Hope in Waiting, Watching and Working" Dean Romprey

Sunday's Message 11/22/2020 "The Shepherd Teacher" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 10/25/2020 "The Apostle" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 10/18/2020 "When I Grow Up" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 10/04/2020 "God's Vineyard" Dean Romrey

Sunday's Message 09/27/2020 "When Judgement Comes" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 09/20/2020 "Abraham's Ministry" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 09/06/2020 "Abraham: The Anatomy of a Spiritual Detour" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 08/30/2020 "God's Covenant with Abraham" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 08/23/2020 "Abraham: When the World Burns" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 08/16/2020 "Abraham: A Comeback Story" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 08/02/2020 "Abraham: The Calling" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 07/26/2020 "Closing Remarks" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 07/12/2020 "The Danger of False Teaching" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 07/05/2020 "Understanding the Scriptures" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 06/07/2020 "A Disciplined Life" Pastor Jeff

Memorial Day Message 05/31/2020 "Why We Remember" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 03/08/2020 "The Rest of Our Time" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 03/01/2020 "Beautiful Suffering" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 02/23/2020 "Mutual Submission" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 02/16/2020 "Someone's Watching" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 02/09/2020 "Jesus: The Corner Stone" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 01/26/2020 "He Chose Me" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 01/12/2020 "Hearing Voices" Pastor Jeff

Sunday's Message 01/05/2020 "He Makes All Things New" Pastor Jeff



Listen to 2019 Sermon Audios

Click Here for Sermon Archive available on Activities/Media Page

Please Note: We are in need of a pianist for our Sunday Morning Worship Services.  Please call the church office for more information. 260-432-3342